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Prosperity Door, Hospitality, Luck And Happiness

Prosperity Door, Hospitality, Luck And Happiness

When you let some body help you but you're not thankful & grateful enough, maybe your luck someday will become his/her luck.

Coz energi come to its magnet. Just like water come to its reservoir. After those all lessons, will you still become ignorant&thankless man?

Coz someone deserves for those all compliments, we should happy for him/her while we still try harder to be better. Coz race still run

&don't forget to grateful&thankful always. Never underestimate anybody. Coz behind the low profile, there's hidden power we never imagine.

Joining race to not hit anyone else,but to get win-win result for everyone. Coz the era ask us to build anything togeher. Other-centris.

The thing that make heart being breaker is not the achievement which we don't get, but realizing maybe his/her work and pray is harder than us.

it's a little contemplation of this week. we need to write this note so we don't forget the lesson. hope it will be useful for all readers ^_^

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