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Oktober 23, 2020

Intro to Public Sector Economics

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 Intro to Public Sector Economics


Saham, Perdagangan, Monitor, Bisnis

Mostly dealing with govt
Ministry, govt institution, etc
Public finance

Govt try to serve health, food, goods and services in this pandemic
Deal w regulation
Perpu no. 1
Hv pondation to run program

Macro economic: fiscal, etc
Public intervention, deal w dailiy life
Ex taxes for income
Public revenue, how govt spent it
Comparing public and privat sector
Public sector produce based on country characteristic ex: bpjs
Good health system, education, infrastructure

Paradox between public vs private sector
Lack of transparancy

How govt react in easy &hard times
It become exam. govt can handle it?
Effecftiveness of govt intervention?
Everyone goes bankrupt now
Social security policy bansos

Public sector economi is a study
Finance, taxation

Public finance about how govt raise money to pay desired facility n service
Focus on microeconomic function of govt, affect allocation of resource and income distribution

Why there is still poor people
Lack of access to bigger market
Govt hard to find good income distribution
The rich have to pay more taxes
Pandemi become momentum for any govt
Chance for transformation to tech
Ground rules focus on basic
Regulatory background to promote it

Bpjs the key is to be patient
Bpjs card at second class should be changed. We hv to check items that we sign. The cost is the time

After function
Compare how good management
Budget of ministry:there are many activities oct nov dec in order to absorbtion
Should objective

Indonesian development not equal on some areas
Desentralisation issu├Ę
Management capability
System of reviewing is not proper
We need to improve it
Why money is there, switch posting to another is not easy
Good provision?
Neglect quality of the budget using

Biggest problem in indonesia is data
Good country ex: spore hv good data
Indonesian People is generous
They still pay bpjs even not get benefit
If we don't sign covid, hospital don't pay the bill
Trouble in indonesia,govt hv many cost for health but hospital not give correct data

Classic problem is faced by public sector in Indonesia
Some ministries spend money to conduct studies, consultant, etc
Sometimes they hv no expertise. Wasting money. Should be mechanism to save budget
Need to reform
Central govt use omnibus law to cut barriers in local area

Local govt capacity is important
Capacity building with workshop for local govt
But big bias if not effective, hv no access. There is gap between local govt and state govt

Taxes is main source of public revenue 60%
Some companies don't obey

Last data provided by social affairs ex: data terpadu 2015. ­čĄú
We have to update data twice a year to conduct and implement #publicpolicy

development progress can provide benefits for many people. But there are many cases of infrastructure development that seize people's land. Starting from the Kulon Progo case, the land grabbing of BIJB Majalengka,

the construction of a mine, a cement factory in Kendeng. Has an impact on the economic resources of the community in the village, the majority of which come from land.

Dana Bagi Hasil Cukai Hasil Tembakau (DBHCHT) is allocated to purchase hospital equipment. Where, on the other hand, there are many health campaigns against smoking. As at the national level, cover the BPJS with cigarette taxes

Musrenbangnas hv meeting and invite more stakeholders for spesific issues

government must have a KPI, Key Performance Indicator that includes of measuring integrity or in this case work performance

United States try to sue Indonesia to the World Trade Organization for dumping because it has significant effect to their nation income. Because the cigarette from United States Industry has loss it market in United States because of the Cigarette from Indonesia Industry (Kretek)

Gender equility?
Gender responsive budget
Consider on non techinical aspect
Need Implementation Strategy

In term of pandemic. Force majeur
How procedure to switch to allocate

Zakat mechanism for Institution
Dompet dhuafa has done it
What is the regulation

why there is differences in customs clearance process for the same goods?
it might be related to the declared "HS code" in the import declaration by PPJK. In the government's system, when you enter HS code, there will be information on tariff, import taxes and non-tariff barrier

such as SNI, specific licenses, ect. HS code is a self-assessment and a single good/item could be covered by different HS codes. If PPJK 1 use HS code A with 0% tariff and PPJK 2 use HS code B with 25% tariff then you will have a very significant cost difference.

Rather than bansos, maybe it's better to give such as a card, they may take money directly by themselves like ATM or use that card for getting staple food
Because the fact that, most of them are not need the staple food, they need money to pay other expenses

government had generalize what society wants. In the fact,they were wrong
In village, the people who take care of BANSOS get a lot of BENEFITS from CUTTING THE BUDGET such as buying eggs, TEMPE, and other basic necessities. If it's money, it's hard to be corrupted. yeah

Govt is unqualiffied when it comes to distribution and monitoring matter. They thought if the fund has been Given,their job is done

in fact, distribution of BANSOS still discriminative. only given to people who have ID card. Then, what about the vulnerable groups who don't have an ID card and they are affected by the pandemic?

pelaku seni has been informed from april that we will receive support fund in this pandemic, but we don't yet receive it until now (oct)

What the constraints of the distributions?

Is it just PHP?

ID card for the purpose of data record and report on statistic that will provide for many purpose for the government. Such as loan or funding.

Pragmatism is always appear in mind if we talk about diplomacy and policy

Spesific direction to follow US or china style?

Is it possible to combine zakat and tax?

If we give money assistance, at least the people know the exact amount of the assistance that they will get.

it's not only the data issue, it's related with the communication from bottom to top because the one that knows about the community very well is RT/RW level.

Classification of product is still not fix. Always changing

Most of feminist could start from the small thing

Communication and coordination is a big problem of our govt.

Sectoral ego. Ego sektoral.
Sailo. Selfish

HS code changing everytime and make us confusing as importer, the “communication” top down very important then

Public policy should be flexible and adaptive enough
Because there's so many changes and dynamics in reality life

Govt focus in development
But still have problem in equility

Issue on macro economic
Dealing w techocrat is very rigid,hard
They tent to slow adapting new thing

Oktober 14, 2020

Ngaji Fiscal Policy

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Ngaji  Fiscal Policy


 Menghitung, Uang Kertas Euro, Bisnis

Musti konsentrasi. Ngaji fiscal policy soalnya. Allahumma zidnii ilman nafi'a warzuqni fahman wasi'a. Allahummarzuqna fahmannabiyin wa hifdzol mursaliin wa ilhamal malaikatil muqorrobiin birohmatika yaa arhamarrohimiin

Govt and roles Fiscal Policy instruments Fiscal policy as stabilization tool and its limitation Relation between fiscal policy and public debt Discussion

Govt role Program/policies Nawa cita 9 priorities long term dev prog rpjp 2025 Mid term dev prog rpjmn Strategic dev plan renstra

Fiscal policy consist Govt spending Taxes, transfer payment Keynes: G is most effective tool Great depression 1930 Global financial crisis GFC 2008

4 key roles fiscal policy Stabilizing macro economy Affecting income distribution Influencing disposable income Yd or Y-T through net tax (margin between tax paid n transfer payment received by household) Respond demographic change Manage public debt

Income distribution Fiscal policy influence distribution of income through Progressive tax Transfer payment

Measuring income inequality Lorenz curve Gini coefficient

If country have good income distribution, there's equality Lorenz curve is plotted for particular income distribution in economy Line of equality is benchmark case of perfectly equal distribution of income of economy

Numerical measure of income equality known as gini coefficient summarizes info contained in lorenz curve It is ratio of area between line of equality and lorenz curve to total area below the line of equality

Limitation of fiscal policy as stabilization tool:
Fiscal policy n supply side Problem of deficit Fact that fiscal policy is relatively inflexible

Fiscal policy n supply side

FP affect potential output and PAE Govt spending on public capital play significant role in growth of potential input Tax n transfer payment play role in affecting incentive n economic behavior. Also affect potential input

Critic: supply sider view > need for tax cut > lower tax lead people to work harder, save more etc.

PROBLEM Of deficit Second consideration for fiscal policy maker thinking about stabilization policy is the need to avoid large n persistent budget deficit

Sustained govt budget deficit can be harmful>reduce national saving>reduce investment in new capital good (important source of long run economic growth) The need to keep deficit under control may make increasing spending or cutting tax, fight economic slowdown, less attractive option

The fact that fiscal policy (FP) is relatively inflexible FP is not always flexible enough to be useful for stabilization Changes in govt spending or tax mist usually go through a lengthy legislative process> it reduce abolition of FP to respond in timely way to economic condition

How limitation be overcome Spend more on public capital/infrastructure Creating stable/conductive political condition

Euro, Koin, Inflasi, Penyitaan Uang, 1

Relation between FP n public debt Govt hv 3 way to finance the spending Raise tax Borrow money Print money

Desirable level of public debt Low debt reduce crowding out Crowd out=situation when increased rate lead to reduction in private investment spending such that it reduce initial increase of total investment spending

Intergenerational equity Concept that current generation should not impose unfair burden on future Importance FP Presence automatic stabilizer Although FP difficult to change quickly, it may still be useful for dealing with prolonged episode of recession 1930 depression 1990 japan

Kartu Pra-Kerja supposed to be implemented in non-critical time like this. so the policy dealing with labor/worker's maternity leave(cuti hamil), and funeral leave is also part of fiscal policy? white collar are busy at the office saving their companies from being collapsed

everyone deserves payment based on their skills, i dont think there is a company who want to change the employer often. except to those who dont have skills, replaced easily. sad but true. tech has take over. u see the jalan tol, we use card ald

In this situation many tax payers is going to bankruptcy condition, and the raise of the tax in this condition will cause economic sectors in Indonesia collapsed.

it is sad to see some take cash for doing demo. seems that their health problems is not an issue for them

if we have good skills, company will pay us, no worry, but if we got no skills and we have a lot of demands, who want us to work as their employees? seems those who demand a lot, the skills are not directly proportional to their demand, so how can the investor listen to them,

while tech and robot can take over. it is happening round the world, artificial intelligence is taking over. AI and even physical bodied AI is taking over, seems like cyberpunk future is going to be a reality. welcome to blade runner 2020

Any limitation of how much maximum money that government will get from world bank/IMF? because the debt that indonesia have is getting escalade, and we don't know how to pay it back.

Berkebun, Orang Orang, Pekerja, Vietnam

vietnam blue collar wage , minimum wage is around 2 juta by 2020. and vietnam is growing, i checked world bank to confirm then here, most blue collars are doing demo

true Vietnam's minimum wage is lower than here, but are the daily needs in Vietnam have lower price than Indonesia? Vietnam implement different political system from us, which is sosialist-communist. So, their government provide most of the things that their citizen need.

vietnam government is working hard to bring expenses down. hope indonesia government could compete with that

nice to hv govt provide things we need but not with freedom of speech Indonesian is better than socialist communist. maybe we can go back to Indonesia's history in Gerakan NonBlok It will be better than the socialist if there are no conglomerates disturb the policy making

with democracy people can be self-independent even the China is not totally socialist-communist They implement at politic, but for economic, they're not they open for foreign investment. in this globalization era, we couldn't stand alone to boost the economic growth

Prostitution business could also become alternative income Also casino. It happen before as at ancol and around.

the casino in Genting is not open for Malaysian citizens. They allowed foreigners to play at the casino

locals also gamble, entering it illegally before enter hall, we show ID. for Malaysian, they got prohibited china has reforms its economic system into capitalist. But it work though, socialist political system and capitalist economic system turns out can be in line together

make sure the systems can be in line together (Socialist Systems in Politics and Capitalist Systems in Economy), We need a strong govt (single political party system) Karl Marx might be shock with this reality (capitalist and socialist are complementary each other)

to face China's thread, we have to accelerate bureaucracy reform,etc the problem was not how Marx can topple the capitalist,but how cant Marxism can CONTROL the capitalist into developing national economy Karl Marx will make a revisions on his theory about economics n religion

single political party system means less disruption, less conflict, Orba did it with 3 party system, yet the corruption went rampant. :( to make sure the single party systems will run in line that need a strong figure that have strong influence in all over Indonesia.

Oktober 07, 2020

Applied Statistic And Decision Analysis

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Applied Statistic And Decision Analysis

Applied statistic and decision analysis for public policy


Presentasi, Statistik, Anak Laki Laki Key statistical methods Basic mathematics and descriptive statistics Set to the minimum since the objective is the empirical and practical use

Outcome Prepare to be effective policy maker Use proper statistical method for helping research Structure Excell, spss, any support tools Lectures Discussion Assignment

Intro Basic statistical analysis Logic of statistical inference, estimation, testing hypotheses Basic bivariate st analysis Multivariate st analysis Special topic: mdgs, sdgs, growth, poverty, inequality, employment etc
Statistic and policymaker Beware with statistic Wrong data will mislead We have to be careful in reading data statistic Measuring is not difficult Difficult to read and come to decision Misreading statistic could misconduct the research Statistic 'lies' How to read the info

Even data come from institution We have to compare with reality Sometimes there's conflict interest Intro Meaning Type Advantage Uses, importance Statistic= eye opener Give some critical point for policy maker Meet data in spesific way Get insight, dai─║y observation

Without good statistics, the development process is blind. Polic├Żmakers can't learn from their mistakes and the public can't hold them accountable Statistic are the eyes of the policymaker - keith muhakanizi

Definition statistic: Science of learning from making sense out of data Theory and methods of extracting info from observational data Science of collecting, analyzing, inferring proportions

Meaning: Aggregate quantitative info GDP GNP Economic growth Poverty index Employment Inequality Agricultural st Trade st Transport st

By subject: Economic st Social st Population st Science of collecting, analysing, making inference from data How to use data for research

Advantage Hv great power to Describe systematically a body of info Can elucidate the main tendencies as well as the spread of the data about them. In sample population Descriptive function Subjecting intuitive ideas how process Foremost method for drawing an accurate inference
Help public manager become much more discerning consumer of quantitative info Need skill to evaluate Check data validity Examining the methods of getting the data Even responden is same, but different method, it will be different result
A lot of instruments to examine data Primary data ~ validity test How if we can't get valid data Crosscheck the respondent. Observing the variables,choose ones Or just remove others Discussion, briefing w/ the govt agency to examine Spss not free Excel is welcome

Type: Descriptive Describe numbers Using graphic Frequency Central of tendency Dispersion Ex: gallup poll found 49% of people in survey knew the name of presieny In average, 9 problem of 100 machines during 2018

Type: inferential st Decision, estimate, prediction, generalization about population, based on sample Use of quantitative techniques to generalize from a sample

Ex: the city fathers of pittsburgh would like to know how pleased pittsburgh citizens N: 350.000 n:100 Ex: GE washing machine owners would like to estimate the sales number at 2020

Pengusaha, Ide, Kompetensi, Visi, Target

Local govt hv more detail data Central govt for macro data Adopt the variables from previous data Measure IPM If data is inva─║id Simple solution> Add more samples Minimum sample for research Or conduct post enumeration survey Same respondent, different questioners
Uses in PP Problem Identification Describe phenomenon Planning: initiation and formulation Decision: distribution or incidence? We can switch decision Help policy selection Help Policy design and implementation

Help monitoring and evaluation Pay attention Data collection type Source Sampling design Method Proxedure Instrument QC

Data processing Variable Data coding and validation Entry Tabulation Procedure Software QC Data analysis Method Tech Interpretation Visualitation Software QC

Stat as tools Effective decision making requires evidence based approach that work together w/ analytical skill n political support Policy maker must be equipped w/ right skill to discern between evidence which is reliable n useful Identify gap to ensure stat align n functioning

Oktober 07, 2020

Packaging Kemasan Produk UMKM

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 Packaging Kemasan Produk UMKM

Beberapa minggu lalu kami para pelaku umkm terutama yang bergerak di bidang umkm syariah mend├ápat kesempatan untuk bersama sama hadir dalam festival umkm syariah. 

Dalam beberapa hari itu kami mendapatkan banyak ilmu dan wawasan dari para nara sumber pebisnis nasional seperti pak Sandiaga Uno.


Pada sore harinya kami memiliki kesempatan untuk pitching satu persatu via zoom untuk menarik perhatian dari para investor dan pemberi dana dari berbagai bank syariah dan lembaga pembiayaan syariah. Bayangkan saja puluhan pemilik dan manajer UMKM berlomba-lomba mempromosikan dagangannya untuk bisa bekerja sama dengan berbagai pihak. 

Kami, para enterpreneur, pengusaha kecil, dan pemilik UMKM ini juga digabungkan menjadi satu di dalam whatsapp grup untuk bisa berkoordinasi dan berkonsolidasi. 

Dan bisa ditebak deh, dalam grup khusus pemilik dan manajer UMKM ini segera saja promo dagangannya dalam grup. Jadi ramai dan seru sekali. Kadang panitia festival ekonomi syariah sampai harus menutup komen dulu supaya pengumuman dari mereka tidak tumpang tindih dengan sahut menyahut dan showcase para pedagang yang menemukan lahan promo baru ini. 

Kami memerhatikan bahwa selain  barang dagangan para pemilik UMKM ini beragam banget tipe, jenis dan genre-nya, ada yang produk kecantikan, kesehatan, makanan, minuman,  dan lain-lain, tapi kemasan produk mereka juga beragam bentuk dan kualitasnya.

Ada yang memang masih sederhana dan  minim bahan maupun cetakan kemasannya, tapi banyak juga yang sudah advanced, keren, sophisticated dan kayak beneran kemasan packaging dari pabrik besar yang sudah bonafide dan qualified. 

Keren-keren banget. Salut dan bangga!.

Kemasan dan cetakan yang menarik ini juga diimbangi dengan desain merk, logo, tipologi nama produk serta tagline juga kegunaan dan ingridient alias kandungan bahan yang disajikan dengan manis dan menarik. 

Sebagian ada yang menuliskannya dengan sederhana saja, jelas terbaca dan orang bakal langsung paham dengan yang dimaksudkan oleh kemasan produk dagangan itu. Tapi ada juga yang terlalu bertele-tele dan membuat kepala dan kening musti berkerut dulu untuk memahaminya. 

Penyajian foto kemasan produk berikut produknya yang sudah tersaji di meja dan siap disantap menjadi beberapa jenis tampilan yang banyak disukai orang-orang, karena mengulik rasa sensitifitas kita jadi ingin ikut mencoba produknya. 

Melihat banyak sekali kemasan produk UMKM  yang menarik dan berkualitas ini, panitia fetival ekonomi syariah yakin bahwa para pengusaha kecil, small and medium enterpreneur (SME) ini akan mampu bersaing di kancah persaingan lokal, regional, nasional maupun internasional. 

Aih, semoga saja ya. Aamiin. 

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