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2 Okt 2016

More than learning about language

More than learning about language 

Honestly, I have no expectation at all when I decided to join this tour.I only need refreshing from my hectic periods nowadays.

But it is so wonderful that I finally get more than learning about language.


Many smile faces and warm people welcoming us when we arrived at this desa bahasa. Many of them are still so young. Can you believe this, they are still teenagers but also teaching many elder people to drive them speak and get conversation in English fluently.

We can enjoy the sound of angklung music which accompanying us that morning. Some pleasant gazebo offer the fresh and free ambience.

Desa Bahasa creates the comfortable environment, not only for that language habit goal, but also for the excitement of learners. This combination could be some of benefit and strength of this place. Especially if we compare it with another space which offer same services.


Mr. Hani presents his 'mind game' on projector that automatically shifting audience's mindset. That actually we need no more grammar for this purpose. We only need to speak English fluently where our partner could understand what we want to say. And reverse.

This new mindset however can make us more brave and not doubt anymore to speak English. Not afraid to make mistakes etc.


Laughing together with  great sisters under trainer's instruction make me forget for a while with my problems. Desa Bahasa create many techniques so we can learn English easier and more fun. I heard that maybe there are more than one hundred techniques. Can you believe this? More than 100! Wow!

But because of short time, we can only apply some techniques. Some of them is applied by game and outbound. Very excited!

Beside of above benefits, I also learn many many more lessons from the institution and also the founder. This is definitely one of best moment in my life. A milestone which make me think a lot, contemplate further and also will take action soon immediately. Wish me luck!

Thanks a lot, sisters!
Thanks a lot, desa bahasa and tera!

So long. See you again!

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  1. MasyaAllah mba, keren bahasanya..ajarin dong

    1. terima kasih ya....aku juga masih terus belajar. belajar bareng yuk :)

  2. Mba Dian, udah katam ini ngenglesh nya, aku cuma paham sebagian aja, hihii

    1. hahay....ayo kita lemesin biar makin lancar ngenglishnya yuk :D

  3. mumet aku mbak...kudu belajar di Desa bahasa ni aku >_<

  4. Ketika membaca ini, di sampingku langsung kusiapkan Kamus Bahasa Inggris maupun Google Translate, lho mbak, hahahahaha.....Terima kasih atas review kerennya. Sukses selalu.

    1. hehehe...terima kasih kembali. Aamiin aamiin ya robbal alamiin