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Stake Holders Meet Up For Literacy Movement

Stake Holders Meet Up For Literatcy Movement

We can learn from the new leader of this institution, who held the pre-event before the main event.  Here we are, some leaders from other institutions  are invited to the meet up for literacy movement. Even the government has the same program and movement, but library institution feel that they need to handle the other objects. Because the government handle the students from any school, so there are many people out there who are not in school anymore should be take care of.

The literacy movement should be supported by any people, because this is huge task. Library Institution have a mobile library to help people so they can read books from the village they live. The institution also prepare to give some books so the villagers have their own mini library.

I've presented some classes  and themes that I could help some people who have passion on writing. Their writing ability will be useful for social, economic and education proposes. Insya Allah.

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