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Community, Voice, Audience, Crowd And Tribe

Community, Voice, Audience, Crowd And Tribe

 It is not easy to start and build community. But it is more difficult to make it last until the end of time. Because naturally everything in this world will change and disappear. Kullu syai'in halik, that's how Qur'an symbolize it.

But it is also challenging for us to hang on what we got. By continuously maintenance the community which we make and improve it all time. However we should be always ready  with any changes, some new communities  which will be born between them.

We should still take  role in the communities. Sometimes being leader, sometimes being cheerleader.  And so on.

As long as we have same  purpose to help each other to reach our goal together, we could be benefit each other. And for that reason. the community will still alive and being needed.


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