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Blue Bird Gathering

Blue Bird Gathering

 That morning is so blue. Because we come to Blue Bird Gathering in blue dress code. This transportation company have a new program called My Trip My Blue Bird. It release their new apps which will help passenger so they can book the transportation more easy. 

In this occasion, Blue Bird also reveal their company history. It is so wonderful when the audience know that this company was founded by a woman. Single parent.  *tears

Without great financial capital, she buy some cars. And with her work, consistency and agility, she's succeed to grow up her company. Subhanallah Allahu Akbar. It is so inspiring. 

After the leader/manager's speech, there is a little sharing from another speaker about vlogging. It is related to a competition which held by Blue Bird, challenging everyone to make vlog about Semarang destination while they travel around by the taxi. 

Our community also has time to present at that stage as we have anniversary nowadays. And we also have challenge for anyone to make portrait about local culinary. 

It's a beautiful day with many friends and colleagues. See you on next event!


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