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Dian Nafi Books at Amazon & Kindle

Dian Nafi Books at Amazon & Kindle

Buku-buku Dian Nafi yang dijual di Amazon antara lain Novel Just In Love, Novel Mesir Suatu Waktu dan How To Reset Your life. 

Buku-buku Dian Nafi yang sudah diterjemahkan dalam bahasa Inggris, dijual via Kindle Amazon,

baik di English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Português, Nederlands

Ada versi paper back dan digitalnya. Bisa langsung beli di tautan ini.

Berikut beberapa judul dan sinopsisnya:

The Young Man and The Old City:

Radindra (17 years old) is an innocent Solo guy, laden / sinoman activist, has a crush on Ayla (19), her new neighbor who is smart, scientific, who likes to travel and is rather material. But this love is hindered by the age of the girl who is older than the boy, the blessing of his grandmother Ayla, Ayla's mother. Also Ayla herself who actually turned out to be a girl who really likes to spread charm, adventurous love and broken heart.

Mayasmara, proves that today's reality is the reality of the media, and that is the virtual universe whose existence is without primodial boundaries and strikes the dimensions of space and time. Limits become relative, perception becomes image-reality. While feeling will get its existence space too?


What is more disturbing than curiosity.

What hurts more than feeling betrayed after giving trust.

What is more awaited except the reciprocation of love that has been fully given and requires at least acceptance.


DO YOU STILL REMEMBER WHAT COLOR OF MY EYES? If I honestly still remember how the color of your eyes. Sparkle. Twinkle. Like there are thousands of stars radiating from the depths of your eyes. And your thick eyebrows, half-opened lips. Your thunderous laughter. Who is not in love with your existence and warmth? Maybe I am someone who easily falls in love. But you are clearly a heart stealer. At least a thief of my heart.

I know what you might think. How could I sink you into my eyes? But that's all I can do. That's all my ability. I'm not pretty enough, not tall enough, not physically attractive enough, but intelligence and warmth sometimes radiate from my eyes


Just love me, and I'll break your heart.

Keep my promise :D


Just break my heart, and I’ll always love you.

Again and again.



I wrote it down
as a sign that we have existed and existed.
Start from a happy ending
Before awakening the memory of the most wounded

After I Adore You Back

Do I lose your respect after I love you back?

Nude photo?

"How come I sent a nude photo like that, what does that mean?" May hissed inwardly. As usual. Since he and Raho had a big fight a semester ago and almost destroyed their relationship, May chose to think again whenever he would get angry.

"Mas," he wrote shortly on BBM.

"Yes, May," a short answer from Raho that May could feel a little tired and scared when Raho wrote it. Eventually they might be able to talk to each other and understand the language of the text along with the emotional content contained in it.

"Do I lose your respect after I love you back?" May could not help but convey the contents of her mind.

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