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Research Roadmap Dian Nafi: Resilience

Research Roadmap Dian Nafi: Resilience

 Research Roadmap Dian Nafi: Resilience

Role of Women for Economic Resilience

Literacy Schools by Volunteer for Resilient Citizen

Collaboration of Online Learning Platform for Resilience

Alhikam Religious Book Insight for Resilience Mindset

Hybrid Paradox Approach of People Development for Human Resilience

Literacy Festival for Text Workers  Resilient

society-based reading space for resilient city

community reading space for resilient city

Hybrid Learning Space by Literary Activist

Society-based Reading Space for Resilient Community

Housing and Built Environment Models in Flood-Prone Areas: A Comprehensive Approach to Resilience

Hybrid Paradox Mode for Resilience

writing as healing for survivor

Resilience in Single Motherhood: A Qualitative Exploration of Maternal Determination and Child-Focused Aspirations

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