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Being Anomali

Being Anomali

Me, sitting at the park in front of Rembrandt's home and museum

I know that I am anomali. Just like I'm used to be. I am the only one who is author and blogger between journalists which selected as investigation journalism fellow finalist. Like lost in the danger unknown forest. Happen again when I become coding mum ambassador

And now I am lost between professors, doctors, lectures, academics scholars who selected as paper presenter at this international conference. Nothing can't explain how. Hadzaa min fadhli robbii. Kun fayakun. Just happen. Luckily I only can thank God. Alhamdulillah

I kiss his back of the hand. He reminds me of my father. We walk together behind his wife& Ning Architecture?
how you can go here for International conference with theme finding the middle path,articulating moderate Islam? It could be my father's call

My late father study ushuluddin. He often teach about islamic studies at pastoran, briscopic. Discussing about interfaith etc. So I come here for him. It probably his and His call. I just surrender to His destiny for me. So here I am. Alhamdulillah

4 days after the day I landed in Holland, I present my paper at that main conference, wearing yellow suit which was my late father's gift for me. He brought it from his first pilgrim 30 years ago. Ning said that my aura brights when I perform on that suit.

me and kurt cobain at corner of holland

Prof ITB who met us at airport(she went to Wageningen) said maybe my dad influences me unconsciousness. Miliu build me becoming theologist also even I study architecture. And when I jump to investigation journalism, probably it's my mom influence. She's judge.

When I say that I'm embarassed coz I am not academic enough. she said novelist is also academic. Her sister study literacy until PhD. She encourages me to keep going with anything I want to do passionately Another lecture also give me some suggestion to take master

Visiting some campus utrecht, delft, Leiden univ, radboud univ, meet many academics, raise my dream to get further education. Of course scholarship. Bapakku di leiden suggest me to take toefl/ielts test. Should be between 550 - 600 and up.

Another advice come from other panelist. He refers local univ which has wide range cross-majors according with my wide range interest, literacy, journalism, architecture, humanism, theology,spiritual, religious, islamic and women studies. I consider this.

Coz studying abroad means far from kids and family. Or, it will be wonderful if I can take my kids study abroad with me. Such as some indonesian family did in the Netherland

Wish me luck :)

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